Safety – StrapsAway™


Are there safety benefits to using StrapsAwayTM?

Many caregivers don't realize that the metal buckles of the car seat can get very hot in warm vehicles. Placing a child with exposed skin on top of the hot metal can cause significant discomfort and pain. Additionally, some parents have confessed that they will sometimes buckle their children without untwisting their straps, because it can be time consuming when they're already late.

With StrapsAwayTM, those hot metal buckles are held up and out of the way! And with them always neatly held to the side and not under the child, unsafely buckling with twisted straps will never be a temptation.

Are StrapsAwayTM Safe?

Transport Canada has issued guidelines for after market car seat accessories, and StrapsAwayTM complies with them completely. When considering a product, Transport Canada urges you to use caution, and to not use anything that interferes with the proper positioning or buckling of the child, affects the integrity of the car seat, or can become a projectile in the event of an accident. These guidelines were taken into serious consideration in the development of our magnetic car seat strap holders and our center buckle holder.

Can my child pull them off?

StrapsAwayTM are made with a child-proof backing. When the pin is poked through the fabric, the backing is placed on the underside of the fabric in a "locked" position, preventing it from being pulled off.

Are StrapsAwayTM a choking hazard?

Not only do our magnetic car seat strap holders attach with a childproof backing, but to be on the safe side, they also exceed the recommended size set by Health and Safety Canada for choking hazard safety.

Do they get hot sitting in a hot vehicle?

Because StrapsAwayTM are made with a clear plastic covering which encases the magnet, this prevents them from getting too warm to the touch. But, they do hold those hot metal car seat buckles out of the seating area so you're not placing your child on top of them!

What if my child has cochlear implants?

We do not recommend StrapsAwayTM to be used in close proximity to hearing aides, pacemakers, or any personal medical device that contains metal/magnets.

Transport Canada urges parents to proceed with caution and use their personal judgment when considering any after market product for their car seat. We at StrapsAwayTM fully support and encourage parents to follow the Transport Canada guidelines.