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Why Saying "We're Pregnant" Is A Terrible Idea

I once heard it related to a wife running a marathon. Her husband thought it was a great idea. When she got up at 5am to train, he'd give her a kiss, and wish her good luck before rolling back over.

He went shopping with her to get specialized gear, and even started wearing non chafing shirts and sneakers himself, telling all the sales clerks about the marathon.

Race day came and the excitement was palpable. He high fived his wife and as she went off with the other racers he grabbed his chili dog, cheesy nachos and soda and headed for the side-lines, feeling so excited. What a great day!

The racers set off and for the next few hours the anticipation grew. How long would it take her!?! Participants started crossing the finish line to cheers and clapping. Finally, he spotted his wife and he could feel the pride swelling. The cheers grew louder as she got closer, until she crossed the line and collapsed in his very supportive arms.

"We did it!!!" He yelled, as tears streamed down his face. "We ran a marathon!!" He started high fiving all the confused bystanders. He grabbed the banana from the outstretched volunteer's hand, and downed it in two bites.

As they left and the excitement wore off, he realized how tired he was. Geez, he was really feeling exhausted!

Pregnancy does things to a woman. For me, it meant babies growing against, and repeatedly kicking a rib that folded itself up under the others. It meant heartburn so severe that it damaged my esophagus, triggering a condition that means I now get servere reactions from eating dairy or gluten (yes, it's totally weird). It meant having a baby stuck for 4 hours during delivery, and now needing surgery because of it. It meant sciatica. It meant my bladder twisting upside-down and not knowing for years what was wrong. It meant my pelvic bones separating and not going back properly, causing months of electrifying pain. Some of that pain I still have.

It meant that once, in my ninth month, my husband made me laugh so hard that I wet myself, and then threw up everywhere🤦🤷

And there's SO much more.

So no matter how many award winning foot rubs a partner gives, or mood swings they deal with, "we're pregnant" just doesn't fly.

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