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Multi-generational Adventures in Parenting

Perspectives on parenting from Elise, a mother with 9 grown children, and her daughter, Robyn, with 3 little boys.

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Robyn Adams and Elise Britton, principals in Strapsaway



Robyn and Elise are a mom and grandma duo who blog about joy in families with young children. Mother and daughter are co-owners of Strapsaway, a homebased business in Calgary, Alberta. In our basements and kitchens we design and distribute magnetic car seat buttons that hold infant/child car seat straps and buckles out of the seating area. To see what it's all about, visit, where we "Make Buckling Your Baby a Breeze."

But at Strapsaway, our interest in children and families goes beyond magnetic buttons!

Robyn: So I've decided to open myself up a bit, in hopes that others benefit from the perspectives and ideas that my husband and I have in relation to parenting. We are currently in the trenches of little kid life, navigating a world different than any parents before us have had to. 

My mom has decided to do the same, so that our readers can benefit also from the wisdom of an experienced mother of 9 (!) grown up kids within the same article. We hope that together, we'll be able to bring perspectives that are both current, and tried and true.  

Elise and Robyn: Dedicating our lives to raising our own children has given us a love for all children. Our Strapsaway blog is all about bringing joy to families with young children. We tell our own stories (we have 12 children between us - both by birth and adopted), we share games, book reviews, and the fun times that help us through the hard times.

But there is more. When we look at a child who lives in difficult circumstances, the thought touches our hearts that perhaps, except for the accident of birth, that child could be ours.

We know that every child needs a loving family wrapped around them, whatever shape and size that family may be. And we know that it truly takes a village to raise a child.

We want to bless the lives of families and children throughout the world by contributing to the building of clean water supplies to their villages. We want to bless the lives of every reader of the Strapsaway blog with uplifting and practical insights into children and families.

So, we love it to bits if you enjoy our blog and share your own experiences! And we hope that you will have a look at our cute magnetic buttons on the Strapsaway website, support our home business, and at the same time, the families and children of the world who need access to sanitary water, provided by the charity organization, Charity:Water.

It takes a village to raise a child.

We want to be a part of your village.

Tell us about your 'village' by posting in the comments section below.


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