About StrapsAway

Welcome to StrapsAway!

StrapsAway is about helping you and your child have more joy with the infant/child car seat experience! We take those tangly straps and cold, poky buckles out of the seat and on to the side so that little ones slide in with minimun disturbance.

Have you ever wished you had a third hand? Well, now you do! At least when you're putting your love-bundle into their car seat.

We are an independent Home-Based Business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

StrapsAway is a mother and daughter project. Concept, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales are led by Elise and Robyn! When you purchase those cute little StrapsAway magnetic buttons, you are taking a little bit of our hearts home with you.

Cute is Important to Us

We wanted to create something that was tidy and attractive, worked as designed and was safe to use. We wanted to give you choice in aesthetics that would suit your taste - not just function, but cute, too!

Perfect for ...

They are such a unique baby shower gift! You'll want StrapsAway magnetic buttons when you bring your newborn home for the first time!  You'll want StrapsAway magnetic buttons when your toddler decides to do his 'planking' exercises at the same time you are trying to buckle him up!

Actually ANYTIME you load your precious child into the car, we hope you (and your little one) will enjoy a quiet smile together.

All of our products have a six-month, money-back guarantee.